I got engaged tonight!
Rachel is stuck with me now. She said yes.
Details to come…

18 thoughts on “Engaged”

  1. Nathan – great job tonight!! You both are so wonderful. Paige was so cute when she prayed for you and Rachel at bedtime. You’ll have to read my blog to see what she said!

  2. Well this is no good. Everyone is getting married. I still cant believe she said yes, what was she thinking? HA.

    Man I am so happy for you….. Congratulations! I feel so bad I couldnt have been there to wish you well….
    Alright man, I will see you Friday and we can celebrate by you driving me home from the airport instead of me driving!

  3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! so sad i couldn’t be there.. but i know it was probably the cutest thing ever!!! i’m so excited for the two of ya. you’re a LUCKY guy… but i know you already know that :) CONGRATS!

  4. Welcome Rachel. We love her already. Before they got married, my grandmother told her own son (my dad) that if they ever had a fight that they should never come to them (his parents) because May (my mom) would never be wrong. My mom is that sweet. Sounds like maybe I should give you the same advice because Rachel is such a sweetie. Love you.

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