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Why my friend Andrew is not a Buddhist. I’ve basically came to the same conclusion as he has, but also, I find Buddhism is all about eliminating desire instead of enhancing/fulfilling it which seems to nullify any sort of purpose.
David Fitch on Why Sometimes you Just Need a Building. Articles like this are important I think because it balances out the seemingly continuous reaction to the extreme that always happens when we are against something. If a churches misuse their buildings, we get upset and then vow not to get a building, which isn’t always the right reaction.
I don’t meant to judge, but if anyone is going to hell…
Part 1

Part 2
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When PS3‘s were released a few days ago, I was going to meet at Future Shop with a few friends and stay over night, turns out they showed up too late and were a few people behind from how many machines they have, I figure that buying the machine for $650 and then selling it on e-bay for at least $2500 (or this one went for $9100) would be worth the cold night hang out. All that to say, here is how not to sell your playstation 3.

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  1. Seriously, who goes to a McDonald’s at 1AM to sell a PS3, also who would have the balls to jack the price like that. He deserved everything he got.

  2. CBC did a whole Benny Hinn investigation a couple of years ago. This NBC piece pretty much confirms what CBC had said about him.

  3. Ya i saw that one too.
    i thought this one was a lot more in depth, but ya i remember watching it with my friends in halifax.

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