A Few Updates

There was some sort of problem with my server and I lost my last post, which is annoying as always, and I’m feeling too lazy to post it right now, maybe in a few hours. However, in light of the crazy amount of business that Storyboard Solutions has been getting we are upgrading to our very own server so when the upgrade is done hopefully that means stuff like this won’t happen anymore.

We have been trying desperately still to make getting this building work for us at theStory. Some major news has come up today that could mean we get it extremely cheap or make it more impossible to get our hands on it. Keep us in your prayers if you think about it.

Ron and I have a meeting with the mayor of Sarnia next week in hopes that we can obtain sarnia.com for our website instead of the one that is currently there, we already have a website built and it is functional and doing great, now we just need to get it out in the public, what better way than getting the mayor to support you?

We have two speakers confirmed for our conference next year (March 24, 2007) and we are excited to unleash them. We are still working on our third (and maybe forth) and so we won’t unveil them until then, however its looking like its going to be a great year.

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