So four nights ago I came home to Ron’s puke all over the kitchen sink. He was pretty sick. I had to take a knife and swish it around the sink to let it all go down, then we shared a beautiful dinner of fish that he was trying to convince me would taste good on the George Foreman. This morning when I woke up to go to school, I myself puked a few times, i shook it off and jumped in the car anyway and then puked in the car. Then ended up in Hamilton puking again. Odds are Ron and I both got Norwalk, he’s better now, and hopefully I am in a few days. I never did make it to school.

3 thoughts on “Norwalk”

  1. Melissa McAllister

    Hope you guys feel better.. I was reading online today about this other viral infection going around, I forget it’s name, but they think it’s a strain from the Norwalk virus.. There has been a lot of people sick from it.. One of the doctors in the article described it as ‘feel like you are going to die’ .. Not pretty! Take it easy guys!

  2. Hold on…. puked in the car…. I just want to get this straight since it is MY CAR that you drive to go to school with. Did you take that puke bucket I gave you?

    Oh brother.

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