Germany and Austria Day 10 & 11

It´s becoming sort of a whirlwind at this point. We are flying way too fast through every city, and coutry trying to experience everything at once and getting to our flight that leaves for Greece. We arrived at our campsite in Munich late Friday night to a pleasant surprise. A camp full of fun Irish, already drunk and having a lot of fun, clean showers and just a friendly staff all together and a €3 steak. We slept in a tent that slept probably around 350 people. It was huge but there was only probably 50 people there, so we went off in a corner to sleep.

The day in Munich was mostly consumed by a festival we found called Tollwood Festival which was basically Artwalk times 1000. It was huge, vendors everywhere, food everywhere. It was a blast. Then to top it off the Euopean World Cup of Track and Field was also going on right next door. Germans have such roaring loud voices. The architecture of the stadium was also pretty unique, I posted a picture of it below. We spent a little bit of time in the city center and ate raspberries and blueberries and they were good throughout the crowded center.

Salzburg is a story all on its own. The Sound of Music tour ended up sucking a lot (who would have thought) so went by ourselves to see some of the sites after. The mountains and sites here are absolutly beautiful. A lot like the Rocky Mountains. We ended up getting a hotel because it was going to be the same price as a hostel for us and it was next to the Hilton in Toronto. We had a living room, massive bathroom with a nice tub, balcony, sauna downstairs, a little kitchen and everything. We couldn´t beleive it, especially for the price we got it for. It was nice to have a good nights sleep. We also climbed up the side of this mountain (there was stairs) to get a view from where this castle was sitting. You can see the castle in the night shot below. It was so high and really gave a great view of the city and mountains. Our train got cancelled for Venice so we got stuck here for another 12 hours. So we have been wondering around and met an actor who is now a hotel inspector and hung out with him for a number of hours. While we were eating dinner with him we sat under an unbrella during the middle of a hail storm. It was hilarious watching people trying to get out of the way and listening to the loud banging of marble sized hail hitting all around us. We leave in a few hours to Venice…more to come then.

Mountain view in Salzburg

Hail in Salzburg

Castle in Salzburg

Stadium in Munich

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  1. The sound of music. Lets be honest… you loved every minute of it. I bet Rachel had to drag you out of there. Only 30 days left on your trip!!!!!!

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