Florence and Nice Day 24 & 25

There was a change of plans since last post. After I posted Rachl was feeling even worse to we went to the hospital there and got her checked out. They kept her overnight there and ran tests. After everything they think it was an infection of some sort: She had an extremly high fever, pain in her side and chills. They gave her a prescription, but recommended that she stay a few more nights. Not even that will stop Rachel from experiencing her dream trip, especially Paris. So I slept at the train station, and Rachel got the bed. We left last night instead and arrived in Nice this morning. We walked around for a few hours and then went back to our hotel and crashed all afternoon. Woke up, ate some food, then Rachel went back to bed. The beaches here are all rock and no sand, I can’t tell if I like it or hate it. Tomorrow we are going to try and go to Monte-Carlo and pay for our entire trip through gambling. Then off to Barcelonia, with a side trip to Pampelona to participate (if I don’t chicken out) with the running of the bulls. Then off to Paris before we head back to England to fly home. Rachel is feeling a lot better now and just needs to catch up on her sleep, just so you all know. Thanks for your prayers.


3 thoughts on “Florence and Nice Day 24 & 25”

  1. So thankful to hear that you are feeling better, Rachel, but you’ll still need to take care. Hope the rest of your trip finds more recovery daily and that you are both feeling more comfortable after having such a scare, Nathan. God’s speed ahead.:D

    The fishing on the beach is the way that Grandpa can do this in Panama City Beach, FL. Cool.

    Hope the rest of your trip is terrific……you deserve this. See you soon.

    Love, G_M

  2. So it wasn’t Norwalk…. I didn’t think there was anything else you could give her Nathan.

    I am glad she is doing better.

    10 more days and you are home. How exciting!!!

    Also, if you are looking for a “chill” place while in England, look up Ipswich. Its my home town and I have family there as well as Liverpool. I talked to some of them tonight and they would put you up no problem. Good old home made English breakfast… just what your arteries ordered!!

  3. glad rachel is feeling better! you guys are having a blast hey? (other than getting sick) aaron and i are a bit jealous and hope we get to visit these places shown one day!
    hope you guys have an amazing ending to the honeymoon!

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