Links for October 01, 2007

A very cool program. Watch this video first here. Then play with the program online here. Honestly, there is no end to what technology can do. And then if you thought that was cool, this is even better and more inspiring, seriously, this will blow your mind.
Adam asks what is sin, I like where he is taking this. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this as we start through our 11 month series in Genesis at theStory.
Emergent Church stuff in the Ottawa Citizen mentioning McLaren and Joseph Moreau. (ht)
Pernell is still under 35 apparently because he won an award for being so awesome. I plan on nominating him for top 35 over 35 in a year or two.
I really want to invent and program a Facebook app, but every time I come up with an idea it is taken. One day maybe.

3 thoughts on “Links for October 01, 2007”

  1. Yo dawg. There might still be hope for you to have some part in a facebook app just yet. I shared your idea about ATIC to the web team here at Vox, and they’re all excited about it and are currently working on making a facebook app for people to share all their belongings. If it wasn’t for your idea, this wouldn’t be happening. thanks man. Will keep you updated on the status.

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