The Workshop – A Parody of “The Office”

So I made a movie a few months back called Ugly Lights, with two friends. Mark Tetreault and Michael Higgins. While I have taken a break from moving making for the time being (but not the future, hint hint) these two guys have not. Mark put together another shorter full length movie called The Comic Book Store. It was a quirky little film about the employees of a comic book store.

Michael however left for school in Toronto for television writing, and has been at work in Toronto doing all sorts of stuff. So I’m watching this video last night and then I realize that Michael is one of the actors. I believe he also produced this film. So anyway, if you are a fan of the Office you may like this. It was pretty good and even better now that Michael is part of it. Parts 1 and 2 are below.

The North Pole’s really not so different from Scranton, Pennsylvania. And Santa’s not immune to the current economic crisis, either.

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