Letters From the Future

Since Thinker Labs is no more, I’m going to start posting all future designs (and possibly past ones) online for people to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License. Monthly we do a series at theStory and usually have some imagery that goes along with it and sometimes a film. We’ve always wanted to make it open and available for anyone to use.

Letters from the Future, March 2009 - theStory

Letters from the Future is all about some of the key judgment parables. The underlying idea is that if your future self could write your present self a letter then what would it say? These parables heavily weight on eschatology and how the kingdom of God plays out in the world.

“The One About the Fishing Net”
The catch of the day is always a mixed bag. How will our lives be sorted?
Read: Matthew 13:47-50

“The One About the Returning Boss”
What does it mean to live well during turbulent times?
Read: Matthew 24:45-51; Luke 12:42-46

“The One About the Ladies & Their Lamps”
Living in expectation and living with anxiety are two different things.
Read: Matthew 25:1-13

“The One About the Sheep & the Goats”
Mercy and compassion must set the tone of our existence.
Read: Matthew 25:31-46

Sunday, March 29 @ 10:10am – “The One About Shrewd Investments”
Adopting a “To-Go” lifestyle.
Read: Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:11-27

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  1. none really :)
    I’d love to think that we are forward thinking in our music options, but at this point Darryl was the only one who really thought outside the box in the songs he picked and he isn’t around much anymore.

    I could tell you which ones I wish we would sing :)

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