Uncommon Cents

Uncommon Cents - April 2009

This month we are tackling some parables that have to do with money and possessions. We took this photo ourselves, it’s actually Joe’s hand, so it’s up for grabs to use under the creative commons license. I’m looking forward to the one about the rich fool the most which is my week later in April, it’s always been a parable that has fascinated me.

“The One About the Crooked Manager”
Accountability, loyalty and Kingdom economics.
Read: Luke 16:1-1

Good Friday Gathering: “Tabled”

“The One About the Rich Fool”
‘Rich’ is a relative term.
Read: Luke 12:16-21

“The One About the Rich and the Poor”
Still at the gate. Waiting.
Read: Luke 16:19-31

Download Details:
2 Fonts (Advent, Rez)
PSD File (4×6 in, 300dpi)
JPG File of the image which was taken by Nathan Colquhoun, All the textures are inside the PSD file
License Details for design

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