Rob Bell’s Newest Video on the Resurrection

Anyone seen this yet?  I was a big fan of Nooma films, and Rob mentioned that he’s working on a new project and a new way to do films and get them into people’s hands.  I hope this isn’t it.  The message was good but it got lost in the onslaught of amateur After Effects effects thrown randomly through the 4 minute clip and the overpowering music.  The music is way too overpowering.  He is talking fast, and it almost felt like he was too excited, almost like he was making it up just for the shot.  I did like how it was all shot in one take and I did like the content.  I am supposed to be of the generation that likes loud music and flashing lights, but even for me it was just too much.  So my suggestion?  Don’t do that again.  Shoot some more Nooma’s on shoestring budgets, do them like an indie film would be made.  You don’t need thousands of dollars to make an awesome short, Youtube has proven that.  Mix some of Rob’s brilliant creativity and moving poetry and tell some more stories and shoot a film alongside of it.  It would be great.  My friend says, the irony is that he is probably going to get crucified for this resurrection video.  Ha.  No crucifixion on my behalf, just some friendly advice.  I’ll save my crucifixion for Driscoll; just kidding, seriously, I’m kidding.

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  1. Actually I found the Nooma stuff to be more distracting with sort of weird cuts, the only place this video doesn’t work for me is in the random visual effects. The resurrection means that sparkly lines and starbursts will arbitrarily appear? Huh?

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