The Parable About the Lukewarm Beer

There was a major festival that ran every year in the downtown core of a small blue collar town. They would shut down an entire street for blocks on end so that artists, exhibitors and musicians could share their gifts and wares. There were power cables running in every direction bringing life to the stages, food stands and a power sucking beer trailer. Unfortunately, the web of wires proved undependable. Frantically the festival organizers began asking the shop owners for access to their power. As chance would have it, the unit closest to the the struggling beer trailer was a small storefront church that had just moved into the neighbourhood. The organizers explained the situation, pointed out the mess of wires and asked for help. The church’s pastor obliged, and for the first time the festival had all the electricity it needed. The music was loud, the food was hot and the beer was cold. Chest out and smile wide, the pastor was happy that he was able to help…that is, until he surveyed exactly where the cord from his building had found a home. With his eyes he followed the trail and sorted the turns and knots to their end: the beer trailer. “This most definitely has the appearance of evil” he whispered under his breath and immediately unplugged the cable, tossed it out onto the street and locked the front door, never to be seen of again for the rest of the day. The next morning, which just so happened to be a Sunday, the very same church propped their doors open allowing their celebration and praise to spill out into the street. This turned out to be quite convenient since Jesus himself was within ear shot, enjoying a lukewarm pint of local craft beer in the nearby tent.

For the record, this happened to us this past weekend while running Sarnia Artwalk. Jesus seems to have no problem turning water into wine to keep a party going. I guess keeping beer cold was different.

6 thoughts on “The Parable About the Lukewarm Beer”

  1. hey, Remember me – one of your American camping acquaintances from Poets and Prophets a few years back?

    I like this parable for many different reasons. The overall point is great, but it also has beer as a major story point.

    A couple months ago I would have said that I didn’t like beer, but I’ve recently discovered that I love micro or craft local beers.

    Hope all is well with you all.

  2. Ha! Brilliant.
    I peeked in the window of aforementioned church this weekend, and it looked like the kind of boring church that would disapprove of a cold beer on a hot day.

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