The Night She Said Goodbye

Naivety allows one to face into fate
Each day comes and goes
Why accept what you know to be true?
Might as well believe in something else

Peace comes through ignorance
Each day comes and goes
Anxiety comes through knowing
That the unavoidable hasn’t happened yet

Innocence precludes endings
Each day comes and goes
Soon the coming will stop
And the going will be gone

Pain cannot be ignored
So we drown it
Numb it

Love shares pain

Pain ends when all things end
Peace comes
Grace abounds
Love is complete

1 thought on “The Night She Said Goodbye”

  1. Your mom is beautiful lady and will be sadly missed so may memories with her loved everytime we shared with each other …..can’T believe she is gone foesn’t seem real Corrie was truly a loving funny beautiful inside out and kind so giving …she loved you guys so much I see that in each everyone of you’s God Bless Corrie I will miss you but have lots of great memories

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