Kingdom Series

Everything Belongs to Everyone

I’ve been playing around with this thought for a while. After thinking about collections and how I think that they are in many ways anti-kingdom, James sent me this quote: All of the computers on Ebay are mine. In fact, everything on Ebayis already mine. All of those things are just in long term storage that I pay nothing for. Storage …

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The Flat Kingdom Part 2

The Following is an excerpt from “Tales from the Secret Annex” written by Anne Frank. The quote inspired this post that I wrote a few days ago. “I wonder if any of the people sitting in warm, comfortable homes have any idea what it must be like to be a beggar. Have any of those …

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The Flat Kingdom

I’m really struggling with what it means to be with the poor. I grew up never really thinking about it. There were poor people and that sucked but I cared about where I was. As I grew in my faith and my friends and environment started to change I noticed a trend of it being …

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The Simple Kingdom

Last night I couldn’t sleep and having to leave at 5am for the Free Methodist Class that I’m sitting in right now it only seemed normal with my sleep patterns to be up at 2am watching The Colbert Report and The Daily Show. On The Daily Show, John Stewart was interviewing the 2006 Nobel Prize …

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The Kingdom: A New System

I’ve been torn lately. I’m struggling with how to look at things that are happening to people around the world. I brought this up in the car on the ride home with Rachel and Darryl last night and I’m still not satisfied. Jesus message makes no sense. Let’s just say that straight up and get …

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