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Matt & Bree Wedding Photos

I had the pleasure of doing Matt and Bree’s wedding photos last Saturday. July is a month of weddings, I’m doing three of them so I’ll be posting some highlights of the others this month also. They rented a city bus for the evening also; which I thought was a brilliant idea.

Skydiving Pictures

Well Rachel and I crossed yet another item of her Things Before I Die (or what some call Bucket List). We went skydiving today. We found a place that let us free fall for 30 seconds by ourselves (without having to go tandem) on our first jump. Two instructors jump out behind you and fall …

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Pictures from LA

Here are some pictures that go along with my trip from the previous posts. The Dream Center (this maybe gives you a picture of half or so of it) Angelus Temple The warm-up rappers The 3 set drum solo San Diego Mosaic Kairos Santa Monica

Misfits come to Sarnia

I showed the poster on our wall here, and finally the Misfits came and have left. These guys are old, they formed in 1977. The place was FILLED with people under 20. I know nothing of them really and didn’t know a single song, but I was armed with my camera, and it was a …

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Warped Tour in Detroit

Mike, Chris and I spent the day in Detroit last Friday at Warped Tour. Lots of good bands and some great times. Lots of other things going on also, so I’ll be posting about that soon. But here are some of my favourite pictures. Not too bad I don’t think for being in the crowd …

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HDR and a Few Others

My brother in law Aaron and I went around taking photos this weekend. I’ve been experimenting with HDR photography a little bit, and here is what I came up with. The first three are HDR and excuse the Photomatix watermark, it’s just a trial version.

Sarnia Water Sports

My friend Tim Nixon has started up a company here in Sarnia, called Sarnia Water Sports. He will take you out and give you wakeboard or water-ski lessons. It’s a great idea for a city like Sarnia. So this morning we took a couple of boats out and snapped some pictures. We are also took …

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Driving on City Sidewalks

A good friend of mine here in Sarnia, Barry Mielke, has been working relentlessly the past few months to put together an EP to be released in France with Red Plane Records. (the site is in French, so that is the translated link) He then got my other friend, Darryl Silvestri, one of the guys …

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Thrice and Brand New

Darryl got us backstage, all access passes to the latest Thrice and Brand New concert in Toronto at Arrow Hall. I don’t think I want to go to show ever again unless it’s all access. Free all you can eat catered buffet, watch the show with the rest of the bands from the side of …

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The Train Tracks

Tonight, Barry, Matt and I went out and took photos on the train tracks in Sarnia. We call ourselves the Shutterbugs, Natalie calls us the Shutterbuggers. Either way we are getting shirts and if you want to come, just let me know. Here are my favourite 10 pictures that I took, I’ll link to the …

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