Prayer: God is orchestrating A Story

The revolution confronts us every day
Do we want to join in?
Will we live as if Jesus is alive and well today?
Or will we sit back take in the sites?
Will we hope that believing it happened is good enough?

God has been orchestrating a story
It is so grand that it doesn’t leave anyone out
When things seem to go in a bad direction
God uses it to show he expected it all along
In God’s story, death is actually life, emtpy is actually full
What feels like chaos is actually order

What God has promised, has moved forward to meet us.
What we need, stares us in the face
From this point forward, we are getting back on track
We will finish God’s story out faithfully and not selfishly

May we remember that salvation has already happened.
May we live like salvation is real
May we respond well to the news before us
May we know your rescuing power.

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