Prayers & Liturgy

A Thanksgiving Prayer

[Picture is one I took in Iceland, it was an unforgettable moment of gratitude and awe that has never left.] Each morning the sun rises We are overwhelmed with what lies ahead We are anxious about what’s left to be done We are feeling inadequate to all of what life brings The hours bleed into …

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Prayer: Sending off Our Friend

God Loss isn’t something we like facing into. It’s not something we plan for It’s not something we we want in our future It’s not something we can control or fit into our plans Yet it’s not our plans we are fitting anything into It’s yours Your mysterious, good and all-powerful plan We all scramble …

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Prayer: We Are Small

Remind us of our smallness Remind us that you are still working, even when we can’t see Remind us that the kingdom exists all around us Remind us that hope is found buried and covered in dirt Transform our desires away from the big and loud Point them to the small and insignificant Remove our …

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Prayer: On Being Rich Fools

God, thank-you for your blessings Thank-you for our wealth Thank-you for our community Let us not turn your blessings into curses Let us not hoard your wealth as if it’s ours Let us not focus on ourselves but each other God, thank-you for this story Thank-you for the barns we already have Thank-you for our …

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Prayer: Your Unfolding Plan

May we have perspective And count our accomplishments not May we understand your story And count our failures not May we see your unfolding plan And be found firmly within it May we participate in your redemption And be redeemed ourselves May we rejoice And keep on rejoicing May we embrace you As you embrace …

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Prayer: May We Remember

May we remember who we are We are citizens of God’s Kingdom We are God’s children We are disciples of Christ May we remember what our task is Our task is to model citizenship in God’s Kingdom Our task is to love one another and bear each other’s burdens Our task is to give and …

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