Conversation with a Street Preacher: Part 3 And If I Can Accept The Trinity, Why Not Anything Else?

Below is the second response from the street preacher. I think by this point he’s getting a bit scattered and not able to articulate what he needs to say. What I do find most interesting about this is that he is unable to see that he also picks and chooses beliefs (what he accuses me of) but for whatever reason, whatever he believes is plain and simply true and whatever he doesn’t believe he ignores.

Thanks for your response to my letter. I don’t at this time have the time to answer back immediately in full to your letter, one reason being I hope to compile all biblical references dealing with out yet essential differences, for these differences are basic and foundational to faith and practice. In other words it’ll be when I’m done you could end up getting more of a book then a letter – that takes some time. Just three hings to ponder for now.

You answered; Nathan correctly to who God and also who Jesus is and a few other statements that theoretically are correct in accordance with the Bible, which I would think you believe as I do (and a million other Christians). For example in the Trinity there is similar view on the trinity. But why do you believe in the trinity? Isn’t it because the Bible, perhaps not in so many words, but it is applied in scriptures that God is three in one and you believe the Bible – right?

Its not trinity as often mentioned as other key or important doctrines such as hell, heaven, repentance, judgment, and faith in Christ alone, in fact the word trinity or even three in one are not even mentioned in the Bible. Yet you do believe that, because Bible says so (I assume). Therefore it’s most ironical that you don’t want to accept the biblical teaching on the forementioned topics which are so simple, straight forward leaving no room for doubt as to know to interpret them and especially these particular teachings (on which we differ) are repeated over and over again so we cannot misinterpret them — example faith through Christ alone by way of the cross to not [there was a sentance cut off here on my scan]

Do you believe that there are many ways to Christ or through Christ in order to get to heaven or as you say the kingdom of God?

So the question is for you, how can you believe in the doctrine such as the trinity which is clear enough but not more ambiguouse, and not believe in the more often clear teachings on hell judgment etc.? Topics that are less (by far) ambiguouse!! Yes you won’t accept them at face value- or in its clear teaching. Or Nathan is it possible you only believe what you (and others) want to believe?

In reference and conncet to that questions and to think upon is to examine yourself in light of God’s Word. Is it possible you choose selective beliefs to avoid coming to the light as Jesus said because of the love or preference you hold on to darkness (or sin)? You seem to have a grudge to instituonal church–why? Read John 3:16-21.

You and followers keep saying that I’m giving bad news while failing to mention that’s only hald the story. For the other half (following bad news) is indeed the Good News for that’s what the gospel is. Why won’t you mention, I also give a good report of the indescribable Gift of God of Salvation through Christ as properly and biblically understood. John 3:16? Till then I’m praying for you

Harry Deboer


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