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Questions We Ask Kids Before Baptism

I’m preparing the service for this Sunday where we are performing three baby dedications/baptisms. I’ve been reading through the Free Methodist language and liturgy surrounding it. There is one section in our Manual that struck me as odd. So this is just a random thought/reaction I had to this. These are questions that we could […]

Should We Stop Calling Ourselves Christians?

In Acts 11 we find out the “The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.” What we don’t really know is when the term Christian was self-applied. In the three instances it shows up in the Scriptures we see it be attributed to a group of people. Other people who were not Christians would call […]

Sermon: We Are What We Love

This morning I want to lay out a basic argument and then have us discuss its implications for us as individuals, families and a church. Humans have undergone quite a transition throughout it’s history especially in the way that we think about ourselves. Modernism is a word that we use to describe that kind of […]

Poor Neighbourhoods

Since about 2006, when I moved back to Sarnia, and having read just enough Claiborne to be naive, I have always intentionally moved into the poorest and roughest area that I could find in Sarnia. It was the whole ‘moving into abandoned places of the empire’ kind of methodology. This isn’t saying much for a […]

A Review of Generous Spaciousness by Wendy Gritter

Just finished reading Wendy’s book called Generous Spaciousness. I wish I would have read it ten years ago. Theological attacks have polarized the conversation around homosexuality for too long. What has been needed for a long time is a pastoral voice to walk into the midst and offer a third way. What Wendy offer’s with […]

Confession is More Than Removing Guilt

Humans have this sort of innate ability to adjust to their surroundings. Well, I guess everything does. But with humans I find it interesting because there is more to the adjustment then just thousands of years of evolution. There is an intentional emotional and psychological evolution that happens that is generally a response or protection […]

A Sermon On “…by what we have left undone.”

Since introducing different prayers and liturgical readings I find myself pondering specific phrases during the week. I start to become more aware of things that I wouldn’t have noticed if they weren’t there. So this morning I wanted to unpack one of the lines in our confession that we do before the prayers of the […]

Is There A Better Example Than Jesus?

Here is my train of thought on this one. Let’s say God doesn’t exist. Jesus is made up. The whole thing is just insecure humans contriving religions out of their lack of knowledge and science to know what is real or not. Let’s say all that is absolutely true. But we also know that current […]

Arguing Makes Up For My Lack Of Knowledge

One thing many people know about me is I love a good argument. Not only do I feel like that is where I learn the most but I also seem to do fairly well at making a case and debating it. What I’ve never been good at though is remembering things. Stats, dates, faces, names, […]

Azores 2014

Here are some pictures from our spontaneous trip to Azores, Portugal a few months ago. When someone will fly you across the ocean and back for $300. You do it. No questions asked. So we did it. We said it was like Iceland and Hawaii had a baby and out popped Azores. Beautiful sights wherever […]