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Is There A Better Example Than Jesus?

Here is my train of thought on this one. Let’s say God doesn’t exist. Jesus is made up. The whole thing is just insecure humans contriving religions out of their lack of knowledge and science to know what is real or not. Let’s say all that is absolutely true. But we also know that current […]

Arguing Makes Up For My Lack Of Knowledge

One thing many people know about me is I love a good argument. Not only do I feel like that is where I learn the most but I also seem to do fairly well at making a case and debating it. What I’ve never been good at though is remembering things. Stats, dates, faces, names, […]

Azores 2014

Here are some pictures from our spontaneous trip to Azores, Portugal a few months ago. When someone will fly you across the ocean and back for $300. You do it. No questions asked. So we did it. We said it was like Iceland and Hawaii had a baby and out popped Azores. Beautiful sights wherever […]

Why I Won’t Marry Randoms

I’m not really a pastor. The Free Methodists aren’t into the idea of giving me the title of ‘ordained minister’ due to a few theological differences as of right now. But being part of a church has made me subject to the onslaught of requests to perform wedding ceremonies. This has actually given me a […]


Back in the day I met a guy who was planting a church in London, Ontario called Presence named James Shelley. Ever since I’ve been following his work and his brain. Lately he’s been working on a new project called The CAESURA LETTERS. It’s like a devotional in your inbox every morning. I thought I […]

The False Teachers: Tim Challies

Update: Challies describes what false teachers are and I’m pretty certain he fits the bill. Challies has a series right now called The False Teacher series. It’s getting quite ridiculous at this point, and it’s a little surprising he doesn’t see it. At what point do you swallow the reality that you are arrogant and […]

A Parable About A Rich Man And His Many Wives

There once was a rich man who would travel around his country. He would bring with him his servants and food and family and setup camp along rivers and lakes. Each night he would wander to nearby settlements of people and scan for women that he found to be attractive and would be worthy of […]

A Sermon on Violence, the Old Testament, Jesus and Why They Aren’t Compatible

This is a sermon that I spoke at church this past week. I was somewhat excited to give this sermon and yet at the same time was dreading every minute of it. This is such a sensitive topic and folks read so deeply into how someone lands on topics like this. Over the last few […]

Why World Vision Made Two Smart Decisions

Think about it. Smart Decision #1 World Vision makes a decision to be more in line with the gospel by removing the barriers of employment of their organization. This decision basically said they recognize that you could be a Christian and gay and still get hired. Typical human rights stuff. Typical Jesus stuff. By the […]

Is God Just A Violent Partner That We Make Excuses For?

There has been lots of conversation lately in my circles about the violence in the Bible stemming from our 1 year series in 1-2 Samuel. All excellent conversation. Last night while speaking with Kevin and Aaron about the issues we realized that Christians have a particular issue with approaching issues of violence in the Bible. […]