Dallas and Celeste


A few years back, this guy with big, dark rimmed glasses sat in our church with his friends.

One year later, he sat quietly in a living room in Saskatoon across from me.

At some point while listening to records …
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Rooted: A Sermon On Staying

Rooted- Encaustic icon for THE STORY
24"x24" encaustic, mixed media, gold leaf on panel

Communities have different ways of remembering who they are and where they came from. For instance the wider church community throughout the entire world remembers this through the scriptures. Countries have constitutions. Businesses have logos and mission/vision statements. Families have …
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Without roots of love, we easily become slaves to our own desires, using the place where we happen to be as a staging ground for our ambitions and manipulating the people around us so they might serve our objectives.

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When Money Determines Everything

Without the existence of a rich set of criteria for evaluating the application of time, money quickly becomes the lowest common denominator that defines whether or not time is being spent in a worthwhile manner. Instead of leisure time, people

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