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A Parable About A Rich Man And His Many Wives

There once was a rich man who would travel around his country. He would bring with him his servants and food and family and setup camp along rivers and lakes. Each night he would wander to nearby settlements of people and scan for women that he found to be attractive and would be worthy of […]

A Sermon on Violence, the Old Testament, Jesus and Why They Aren’t Compatible

This is a sermon that I spoke at church this past week. I was somewhat excited to give this sermon and yet at the same time was dreading every minute of it. This is such a sensitive topic and folks read so deeply into how someone lands on topics like this. Over the last few […]

Why World Vision Made Two Smart Decisions

Think about it. Smart Decision #1 World Vision makes a decision to be more in line with the gospel by removing the barriers of employment of their organization. This decision basically said they recognize that you could be a Christian and gay and still get hired. Typical human rights stuff. Typical Jesus stuff. By the […]

Is God Just A Violent Partner That We Make Excuses For?

There has been lots of conversation lately in my circles about the violence in the Bible stemming from our 1 year series in 1-2 Samuel. All excellent conversation. Last night while speaking with Kevin and Aaron about the issues we realized that Christians have a particular issue with approaching issues of violence in the Bible. […]

Rich People Hate Poor People Because They Hate Their Own Decisions

Every once in a while I get into these ridiculous conversations with people who tend to ramble on with their ignorant comments about poor people. You know the kind of comments. Why don’t they just get a job? They are lazy. They don’t contribute to society. They are a drain on society. Similar comments we’d […]

Costa Rica

theStory sent a team to Costa Rica to work with Christ for the City in a small area called Tirrases with Horacio & Esther Lopez. It was a great experience and the team learned a lot. Here are some photos. And you can see all the photos here.

Court Decides that Sarnia Can Shut Down Church-Run Volunteer-Supported Shelter

I received this in an e-mail from George Esser today. It really is sad that despite River City doing the right thing and improving the lives of people that a bi-law would still override compassion. Reminded me of this quote from Martin Luther King Jr. One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility […]

All Theology Is Relative

Here is my train of thought on this one. 1. Issues of theology – hermeneutics, interpretation, christology, ecclesiology – are all issues of faith. This means that only people who subscribe to a particular kind of faith have any interest in exploring, determining and believing anything about it. They are thoughts and beliefs of a […]

Can Our Future Really Change Even Though Our Past Cannot?

As I meet different people I am becoming more and more certain of the kind of life that I want mine to become. I am always far from being the kind of person that I think I should be, but when I see certain kinds of people live their day to day lives I am […]

Church Practices – Music

The last week of every month at theStory we are discussing the practices we do together as a community.  We are trying to give some substance to why we do the things we do.  We recognize that the practices we partake in a formative and shape us into the body of Christ.  So how and […]